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Get to know the members of the North Cambridge Community Partnership management committee.

Ricardo Arbelaez

Ricardo is a secondary school teacher with 10 years of experience in the educational sector and with over 15 years’ experience in the private and commercial sector. Prior to his teaching career, Ricardo worked for Tribal Education & Technology as production director. He had the opportunity to be involved in the Inclusion in the Creative Industry (iCi) project run in conjunction with Slough Council and the Slough Youth Project, as part of the government regeneration project. The main objective of the project was to help young adults within the town’s ethnically diverse community to find jobs within the creative industry.

Ricardo has an MSC in Computer Science from Middlesex University and a Master in Education from Cambridge University. He has been living in the North Cambridge Community for more than 15 years and has been involved in community work for longer than 18 years, during this time he founded the ‘Apple Resident Association’ and acted as chair to help planning activities to improve the education and living conditions of the community in Laxton Way in Cambridge. A great achievement was the elimination of rubbish dumping and a reduction in vandalism and antisocial behaviour. Ricardo was also a member of the Harambee Centre as part of the management committee. The objective of this was to provide information, advice, education and training on global development and environmental issues.

Ricardo is the chairperson of the NCCP and he hopes that with his skills and experience and as part as an experienced and well-qualified team, they will be able to contribute to the mission and objectives of the organisation and to make a difference in the community.


Christopher Hughes

Christopher moved to Cambridge to live in King’s Hedges just 18 months ago, shortly after his marriage to his lovely wife who had lived here for almost thirty years. Christopher was born in Essex, went to college in London. He has three children and seven grandchildren. His close family are spread between Essex, and Lancashire.

Christopher is a retired teacher. He used to teach Art but have also taught several other subjects in secondary schools. He is enjoying his retirement and is now able to spend more time on his love of nature, photography, gardening and serving people. Christopher is passionate about serving his local area. He wants to see justice, fairness, hope and love in our community.

Christopher has worked on different committees in the past, acting as a member, as chairperson and as treasurer at different times. He is currently treasurer for the North Cambridge Community Partnership and he is also involved in community work elsewhere in Cambridge.


Mike Todd-Jones

Mike Todd-Jones is a Cambridge City Councillor with a BA in politics and experience in representing residents, working with agencies in the delivery of services, chairing committee meetings and developing policy.

Mike is a Chartered Librarian and has worked in the NHS. He is currently Deputy Librarian at the University of Cambridge Chemistry Department and has experience in managing a full range of library services.

As an experienced councillor, Mike has represented and advocated on behalf of local residents to improve housing conditions, enhance the local environment, and ensure that services provided to residents are delivered to the best standards possible. Mike is a Trustee of the Arbury Community Association, providing opportunities for the local community to engage in a wide range of activities and events.





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