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Ricardo Arbelaez

Ricardo is a secondary school teacher with 10 years of experience in the educational sector and with over 15 years’ experience in the private and commercial sector. Prior to his teaching career, Ricardo worked for Tribal Education & Technology as production director. He had the opportunity to be involved in the Inclusion in the Creative Industry (iCi) project run in conjunction with Slough Council and the Slough Youth Project, as part of the government regeneration project. The main objective of the project was to help young adults within the town’s ethnically diverse community to find jobs within the creative industry.

Ricardo has an MSC in Computer Science from Middlesex University and a Master in Education from Cambridge University. He has been living in the North Cambridge Community for more than 15 years and has been involved in community work for longer than 18 years, during this time he founded the ‘Apple Resident Association’ and acted as chair to help planning activities to improve the education and living conditions of the community in Laxton Way in Cambridge. A great achievement was the elimination of rubbish dumping and a reduction in vandalism and antisocial behaviour. Ricardo was also a member of the Harambee Centre as part of the management committee. The objective of this was to provide information, advice, education and training on global development and environmental issues.

Ricardo is the chairperson of the NCCP and he hopes that with his skills and experience and as part as an experienced and well-qualified team, they will be able to contribute to the mission and objectives of the organisation and to make a difference in the community.

Golzar Zandi

Golzar is MSc graduated in Urban and Regional Planning from Teheran where she ran her own urban planning company together with her husband. Their focus was on creating affordable housing and running projects of community benefit. Moving to Cambridge, she volunteered to join the NCCP management committee. Very quickly we found out that she was a very proactive and hard-working member of the group, and she effectively started building relationships with other community groups and creating new opportunities. Soon, she became our first paid Project Manager. Her experience and outstanding organisational skills, has allowed us to deliver more activities and do more than ever.

Davide Fiorentino

Davide decided to study International Economics at University, although he is passionate of IT, to diversify his knowledge; and has been in the IT industry for almost 30 years.
He is fighting poverty, hunger and discrimination with the UN, is a public speaker at IT and Leadership conferences, works as Unit Manager for St John Ambulance in Cambridge, and teaches Java for Oracle University.
Davide hopes to bring the skills he built so far to make North Cambridge shine.


Jane Kiddle

Bio coming soon!

Janis Ford

Janis has lived in Cambridge all her adult life, working for the County Council and a local Health Centre. She has raised her family here, her children attended local schools, thus she knows Cambridge very well. She has always been a private person, yet at the same time is a very creative person and it was through her love of photography that she joined the NCCP as photographer; a role which she cherishes and massively enjoys. She has met some very inspiring and interesting people through the NCCP and has recently become the ‘in-house’ editor for both the newsletter and webpage and has written a few articles herself.
She also writes and performs her poetry at the ‘open-mike’ nights, (Covid allowing), she also writes stories and articles. She has had a few poems and some books published too. She loves ‘the arts’ and has organised ‘spiritual’ groups in the past, facilitating rites and services to this very day. Her spiritual journey is that of ‘Craft’ and is a very important aspect of her life. Info on her
path, her poetry and photography can all be found on her webpages, together with what she is up to these days.
She feels very lucky to have been given this wonderful opportunity by the NCCP, and to be an integral part of her local community where she hopes to be able to bring her creativity and writing skills to the organisation.

Ana Romero

Ana takes care of the marketing aspects at NCCP , she has a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and two Master’s Degrees, one in Management and another in Marketing Communications. She is multilingual with a wide range of experience in customer relations, international events and digital marketing, including social media and web development. 

Having lived in the North area of Cambridge for several years, she is very committed to helping the community and making North Cambridge a great place to live. Ana has previously been a volunteer in other cultural organisations and youth clubs; these experiences made her grew as a person and understand the importance of communities at the same time she was making an impact on other adult and children’s lives. 

Ana’s aim is to promote the labour of NCCP and help it grow by supporting and coordinating the marketing activities. 




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