It’s time to show off your Lego skills and create experiments with the Community Lego Lab! We have a theme each week and there is no end to our innovations!
The club takes place every Thursday from 4:00 to 5:00 pm to Nun’s Way Pavilion to test the limits of creative imaginations! All children from 5 to 11 are welcomed.
Do you have any spare Legos to share ? Do you have some extra time to help us running more sessions? Please contact us!
Attending the club we kindly ask for a 50P donation. this gives us the chance to by more Lego for our community Laboratory.
Additionally, if you have any toys for 3-5 years old to donate to our toddlers club, we would be very thankful.
Please bring donations to 37 Lawrence Way (the NCCP community house next to Tesco) or when you come to either group. If you would rather we pick up, email or call 01223 508197