The work we do directly addresses the needs of our community and research is vital in identifying where to best deploy our expertise, experience and resources. This is why we started our research in 2015 as part of a feasibility study based on the Nun’s Way Pavilion. This research and development project sought to explore how recreational areas are used by, and for the community.

  • The REC
    The REC project, originated by Alan Soer and Ricardo Arbelaez to identify the needs of the community, and the issues that it faces. An emerging theme was that of deprivation and underutilisation of the facilities. With the help of Mediamerge we collected data and video evidence to underpin these issues.
    The REC Presentation – PDF
  • University of Cambridge and NCCP collaborative research project

          A new research project is launching by Golzar Zandi in collaboration with Cambridge University students.

  • Mapping poverty 2017: A Cambridge City Council report
    This report looks at the 13,698 households claiming benefits and reveals that Kings Hedges and Arbury have some the highest concentration of claimants.
    See the report here.
  • Map of life expentancy in Cambridge
    This article published on the Cambridge Evening News highlights the huge inequality in our city. Those living in the affluent Newnham area can expect to live around ten years longer than people just miles away in King’s Hedges. The immense differences in life expectancy across the city have been illustrated in a stark map released by the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC).

    See the full article here.


  • Feasibility Study – CanDo Communities
    CanDo Feasibility Study – PDF
  • Kettles Yard open house
    In 2015, 37 Lawrence Way (the previous community house and NCCP office) was transformed into an art gallery with the help of Kettle’s Yard. Among the works exhibited several local artists were invited to showcase their work to the wider community. This pioneering event brought remarkable change to the community and the artists involved.
    AGM Presentation Kettles Yard 2015 – PDF
    Kettles Yard Presentation 2017 – PDF
  • Community issues presentation
    As part of the REC project research, some issues were identified and presented to the wider community at an AGM meeting in May 2016.
    The issues – PDF




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