Community Networking event

You are invited to a Community Networking Meet Up!

 When?    Tuesday 10th July 2018 from 12pm until 2pm

 Where?   It will be held ateet Community Centre in the main Community Room. There is parking in the local streets but you can also get here by catching the No 1 or No 8 buses and then it is a 5 minute walk. We also have plenty of bike racks.


Meet the new Community Development Worker, Patrick Brown, covering Arbury and King Hedges and working with the North Cambridge Community Partnership.

 Map events and activities happening in North Cambridge and discuss local needs. This will be compiled into a shareable list.

Connect with other organisations working in this area to network and explore opportunities for working in partnership.

There will be cake and drinks..

Who can come? – 

Anyone working or volunteering for an organisation that runs activities/events or offers services in North Cambridge or has an interest in the area

Might be of particular interest to those in health –housing – equalities – community development – inclusion – community planning – social care – infrastructure organisations – sports groups – environment – arts and culture – residents groups –schools and education groups – faith groups – food or energy poverty organisations – community cohesion and safety – green spaces and parks/ local groups – advice and benefits – community centres and people running local community facilities or events

What do I need to do?

   Bring your lunch with any news of events and activities that your organisation is running.

   Share this email with anyone you can think of who might be interested – please send it out via newsletters/ to groups/ people you know interested in North Cambridge.

   Post our picture above/ details of this meeting on your social media – any help getting the word out is much appreciated.

   RSVP to this email by clicking here: ‘Sign me up!’.  That way, I’ll know how much cake will be needed 🙂