NCCP is delighted to have partnered with ‘A Toys Life and Beyond CIC’ to deliver this new and exciting project called ‘Little Rainbows Toy Library’
Little Rainbows Toy Library is different, for although it runs like a typical toy library, children are also encouraged to develop their language and communication skills. This is what we call a ‘toy library with a twist’.
The format of Little Rainbows Toy Library is that parents/carers and children come every week where they get to talk, do different activities and play. They will also have a book read to them every week and parents/carers get to borrow toys related to the book, together with a question sheet and tips. All these are designed to encourage their children’s communication and language skills at home. And this is what makes this toy library very different from others.
All is free to join/ drop in/ free lunch every Tuesday: 10:00 to 12pm at Nun’s Way Pavilion, Nuns Way CB4 2RN.